Bitumen sprayer calibration test methods updated

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Austroads has published seven updated test methods related to the calibration of bitumen sprayers.

Bitumen sprayer calibration test methods updated

The performance of Australia’s extensive network of surfaced roads is heavily dependent on the successful application of sprayed sealing technology, including the selection and design of the treatments, and the identification of the most appropriate applications.

Consistent high-quality sprayed sealing work requires well-defined and controlled application rates of binder and aggregate. This quality control is crucial if sprayed seals are to remain a viable surfacing option in the face of increasing traffic levels, particularly the increase in the volume and size of heavy vehicles.

Several Austroads projects have addressed the selection and design of sprayed seal treatments.

The application of the binder at the correct design rates depends on the design, manufacture and maintenance of the bitumen sprayer, appropriate calibration methods, and the operating procedures and skills and competency of the operator.

The performance requirements discussed in these test methods apply to purpose-built mechanical bitumen sprayers for the application of hot and/or cold bituminous materials used in sprayed sealing.

The test methods published today are:

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