Australasian Pedestrian Facility Tool V2.1 now available

Monday, 3 December 2018

Austroads has released an updated version of the Australasian Pedestrian Selection Facility Tool and supporting user guide.

The 2.1 version of the tool include economic evaluation updates, design improvements and the addition of Safe and Appropriate Speeds (for New Zealand jurisdiction).

Expected crash reduction factor values for platforms, zebra crossings on platforms and zebra crossings on platforms with kerb extensions have been updated to incorporate recent Australasian research into the safety of raised platforms.

An input for Safe and Appropriate Speed has been added to the tool for New Zealand assessments. The new input is used as the “do minimum” speed for calculating delays/disbenefits for vehicle occupants and has been included to conform with section 2.7 of the NZ Transport Agency 2018 Economic Evaluation Manual (EEM).

To incorporate periodic updates to the NZTA EEM economic update factors, the tool now includes values adjusted to July 2017.

The following changes to the design and layout of the tool have been implemented:

  • rationalised design and improved consistency
  • improved website accessibility
  • clarified how to determine peak volume times in tool help tips and user guide
  • enhanced help tips in the request help form
  • fixed bugs: erroring inputs not being highlighted in some instances, crossing sight distance calculations returning invalid values, and vehicle delays being incorrectly calculated for zebra with platform and kerb extensions.

The guide describes the user interface of the tool, including:

  • how to access the tool
  • the types of facilities that can and cannot be assessed
  • computer requirements
  • a quick-start guide to using the tool
  • a description of the usability features
  • inputs and outputs relating to each section of the tool
  • known issues and troubleshooting.

Access the tool ‚Äč | Download the user guide [PDF]

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