Registration and Licensing Task Force and Projects

Registration and Licensing Task Force

The representatives on the Registration and Licensing Task Force consider licensing practices across Australia. They share common goals:

  • to develop and promote national policies and procedures
  • to harmonise driver licensing schemes, and
  • ensure the seamless transfer of driver licences across jurisdictional borders.

The Task Force facilitates collaboration between jurisdictions to ensure best practice is consistently implemented.

While a driver’s licence is not intended to be an identity document it is widely recognised and used in the community for this purpose. The Registration and Licensing Task Force works to ensure the security and integrity of the driver licence card is upheld through improving business innovations such as the Document Verification Service, national best practice customer enrolment frameworks and biometric identifiers such as facial recognition.

The Registration and Licensing Task Force coordinates a research program that is working towards:

  • improved integration and efficient utilisation of data through NEVDIS,
  • increased consistency and efficiency in registration and licensing across jurisdictions,
  • enhanced security of Australian driver licences and vehicle identification,
  • improved online and digital registration and licensing service delivery to enable more convenient and accessible services,
  • vehicle registration schemes which encourage use of safe and efficient vehicles,
  • improved access to driver licences for indigenous Australians, and
  • improved management of higher risk drivers.

Registration and Licensing Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
SRL6103National interoperability protocol for digital licences and other digital productsSafetyRegistration and Licensing Task ForceActive
SRL6046Online survey report of registration and licensing practicesSafetyRegistration and Licensing Task ForceActive
SRL6217Heavy vehicle WOVR (coordination of pre-implementation development tasks)SafetyRegistration and Licensing Task ForceActive
SRL6218A nationally consistent framework for motorised mobility devicesSafetyRegistration and Licensing Task ForceActive

Program Contacts

The Registration and Licensing Task Force is part of the Austroads Safety Program.

Safety Program Manager: David Bobbermen

Safety Program Coordinator: Leonie Pattinson
Austroads | Level 9 | 287 Elizabeth Street | Sydney NSW 2000
P: +61 2 8265 3335