The principles of assessing a person’s fitness to drive are described in Part A of Assessing Fitness to Drive (Section 2).

This section has been expanded in the 2016 edition to provide improved guidance for examining health professionals, and is recommended reading. In particular, there is improved guidance regarding assessing and supporting functional driver capacity.

The step by step process of assessing a patient’s fitness to drive and reporting to the driver licensing authority is also described in Part A and illustrated with a series of easy-to-use flow charts. The charts can be downloaded as PDFs below.

Medical decision-making for assessing fitness to drive | 266KB PDF

AFTD2016 Figure3

Conducting an examination at the request of a driver licensing authority | 427KB PDF

AFTD2016 Figure4

Assessing and reporting on fitness to drive in the course of patient treatment | 458KB PDF

AFTD2016 Figure5

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Assessing Fitness to Drive Downloads

Cover of Assessing Fitness to Drive 2016 (as amended up to August 2017)
Assessing Fitness to Drive, a joint publication of Austroads and the National Transport Commission (NTC), details the medical standards for driver licensing for use by health professionals and driver licensing authorities.
Cover of Summary of changes to the 2016 edition
This report explains the changes made to the 2016 edition of Assessing Fitness to Drive. It is a summary of the report Review of Transport Medical Standards: Final Report for the Review of Assessing Fitness to Drive published in July 2016.
Cover of 2016 Assessing Fitness to Drive Information Kit
This kit contains: A general media release, frequently asked questions, a summary of the key changes resulting from the review, Driver Licensing Authority contacts.