Road Tunnels

Our tunnels projects improve the design, management and safety of road tunnels.

Latest publications and webinars

Suggested Good Practice for Road Tunnel Emergency Egress Signage
  • AP-R583-18
  • 24 September 2018
  • Research Reports
This report provides guidance on consistent, efficient and safe design of emergency egress signage and operations in road tunnels. While there are Australian Standards relating to emergency egress signage, these were not originally intended for use…
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 3: Operations and Maintenance
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 3 provides guidance on the management of the operation and maintenance aspects of road tunnels, including the factors to be considered in setting appropriate performance standards. Guidance is provided on stakeholder…
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1: Introduction to Road Tunnels
Guide to Road Tunnels Part 1 outlines the structure of the Guide to Road Tunnels, while also introducing road tunnel planning. Part 1 describes key issues and considerations related to the implementation process, road tunnels in the context of a safe…

Austroads' Road Tunnels Task Force and their projects.

Guide to Road Tunnels provides high level guidance on the planning, design, operation and maintenance of new road tunnels in Australia and New Zealand.