Guide to Project Delivery


The Austroads Guide to Project Delivery provides guidance to road agency personnel involved in the delivery of infrastructure projects.  It should be read in conjunction with the Austroads and Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Building and Construction Procurement Guide – Principles and Options and the relevant road agency’s own policies, guides and procedures.

The Guide compiles existing material available from Austroads members and elsewhere into a resource which provides an Australasian approach to project delivery that covers the main road agency requirements.  The Guide also uses examples and references from locally applied areas of practice or standards.

The Guide has five parts:

  • Part 1: Overview describes the role of project delivery from both an asset management perspective and a project management perspective, and addresses some of the fundamental elements underpinning successful project delivery that must be taken into account by a project manager when commencing a new project assignment.
  • Part 2: Planning and Control covers in detail the project management of the delivery phase of a project.
  • Part 3: Contract Management covers various aspects required for project works to be carried out under contract, such as: documentation, tendering, award of contract, administration and surveillance of the contract, and finalisation.
  • Part 4: Direct Management of Project Works covers aspects required for project works to be carried out by an agency’s own forces with or without the use of sub-contracts.
  • Part 5: Road Construction Quality Assurance provides a clear specification of road agency requirements for Quality Assurance; a targeted, risk based approach to independent monitoring and reporting on the performance of a contractor’s Quality Assurance process; and a resource that can be used for training across the industry.