Project Delivery

Our project delivery projects aim to promote harmonisation and continually improve the national prequalification system.

Latest publications and webinars

Webinar: Managing Sealed and Unsealed Local Roads
  • WEB-MSULR-20
  • 17 February 2020
  • Webinars
This webinar, presented on 17 February 2020, provides an overview of the life cycle management of local sealed and unsealed  roads. It highlights the Austroads Guides and the AUS-SPEC national local government specification system which assist local…
Guide to Project Delivery: Set
  • 23 October 2019
  • Guides
Easy access to all five parts of the Guide to Project Delivery.
Guide to Project Delivery Part 2: Planning and Control
Guide to Project Delivery consists of five parts. Part 2 gives guidance to project delivery practitioners on a number of concepts relating to planning and control of the delivery phase, as opposed to the preceding initiation phase and subsequent…

Austroads' Project Delivery Task Force and their projects.

Guide to Project Delivery provides guidance to road agency personnel involved in the delivery of infrastructure projects. 

Link to the Australian Transport Assessment and Planning Guidelines which outline best practice for transport planning and assessment in Australia.

Project Delivery projects

The Austroads research program runs from 2016–20, in line with the Strategic Plan and Operational Plan. The current project delivery projects are: