Pavements Task Force and projects

Pavements Task Force

The Austroads Pavements Task Force is the lead forum in Australia and New Zealand on road pavement technology. The Task Force is comprised of senior representatives from Austroads jurisdictions, the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), and key industry stakeholders including AAPA, AustStab, CCAA and Roading NZ.

The Task Force manages pavement technology education, monitors international innovations, harmonises standards and codes of practice, and facilitates information exchange and technology transfer among road organisations in the public and private sectors. Members also advise on the scope, structure and broad content of the Guide to Pavement Technology and facilitate its development and ongoing maintenance.

The Task Force coordinates research that is working towards:

  • providing guidance on improved design and materials management for enhanced pavement structural performance
  • improving our understanding of material characteristics and vehicle interactions for improved quality and life of road surfacings including enhanced test methods and delivery techniques
  • providing guidance on the management of scarce and quality resources (particularly in rural locations)
  • ensuring the Austroads Guides are updated and improved with integration of jurisdictional supplements.

Pavements Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
TT2046Improving the cost effectiveness of foamed bitumen-stabilised pavementsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
TT1897Increasing the use of low-cost modified granular materials in new and rehabilitated pavementsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6158Improving the cost effectiveness of asphalt surfaced gravel roadsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6157Maximising the use of sustainable rehabilitation treatmentsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6150 Standards Australia – bitumen and related materials for roads Assets Pavement Task Force Active
APT2039Monitoring of Austroads sprayed seal trial sitesAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6123National harmonisation of test methods used in performance specificationsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6213Sustainable test for measuring rutting performance of binders in asphaltAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6173National specification for crumb rubber binders in asphalt and sealsAssetsPavement Task ForceActive
APT6204Improved general mechanistic method for pavement rehabilitationAssetsPavement Task ForceActive


The Pavements Task Force is part of the Austroads Assets Program.

Assets Program Manager: Ross Guppy

Program Coordinator: Eliz Esteban
Austroads | Level 9, 287 Elizabeth Street | Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 8265 3336