Our pavement research is improving guidance on design and materials management and understanding of material characteristics and vehicle interactions.

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Guide to Pavement Technology: Set
  • 12 March 2019
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Easy access to all twenty parts of the Guide to Pavement Technology
Guide to Pavement Technology Part 4D: Stabilised Materials
The use of stabilisation technology for stabilising and recycling materials for pavement construction and maintenance is widely accepted as a cost-effective method of improving long‑term performance and reducing whole-of-life costs of modern,…
Deformation Performance of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements Under Full-scale Accelerated Loading
This report details the first phase of Austroads project TT2046 Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Foamed Bitumen Stabilised Pavements which evaluated the deformation performance of foamed bitumen stabilised materials

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Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology has been designed for practitioners and students seeking to learn more about the fundamental concepts, principles, issues and procedures associated with pavement technology.