Our pavement research is improving guidance on design and materials management and understanding of material characteristics and vehicle interactions.

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Improved Methods of Using Pavement Deflection Data in the Design of Rehabilitation Treatments
New methods of using pavement deflection data were developed in the context of pavement structural rehabilitation treatment design. The project focused on two main components. The first was to assess the potential use of traffic speed deflectometer…
Accelerated Long-term Ageing Methods for Sprayed Sealing Binders: A Field Validation Study
This report presents the results of a field validation study conducted as part of the development of a new long term ageing test for polymer modified binders used in sprayed seals in Australia. Unaged samples of binders were collected during the…
Austroads Test Methods and Specifications
  • AGPT-T000-19
  • 12 September 2019
  • Test Methods
This document provides a hyperlinked list of the Austroads Test Methods and Specifications.

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Austroads Guide to Pavement Technology has been designed for practitioners and students seeking to learn more about the fundamental concepts, principles, issues and procedures associated with pavement technology.