The National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts is administered by the state and territory road agencies.

prequal system overview

The prequalification system classifies contractors who wish to tender for road and bridge construction contracts. The classification is based on the contractor's technical and managerial expertise, financial capacity and previous performance. The scheme is locally administered by the state and territory road agencies.

There is no "central" body that manages the prequalification process. Rather, contractors seeking to prequalify under the system must apply directly with the participating agency of their choice. Once prequalified, eligible contractors may seek to have their prequalification status recognised by other participating agencies - subject to certain restrictions and conditions.

The system is documented in the 2017  .

This website details the prequalification categories and levels, and the process of  seeking prequalification. It also hosts a list of prequalified contractors.

Participating Agencies

A list of participating agencies, with their contact details and links to prequalification forms, is provided below.

JurisdictionParticipating agency and contactWebsite 

New South Wales

Roads and Maritime Services NSW

Mr Chris Martin
Tel: 0412 278 220

Prequalification information and forms

Roads Corporation Victoria (VicRoads)

Mr Neville Schmidt
Tel: 03 9854 2408

Prequalification information and forms

Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR)

Mr Graham Hobbs
Tel: 07 3066 4337

Ms Kay Harding
Tel: 07 3066 2047

Prequalification information and forms
Western Australia

Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA)

Ms Belinda Stopic
Tel: 08 9323 4940

Mr John Houghton
Tel: 08 9323 4240
Prequalification information and forms
South Australia

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

Mr Gary Hutchinson
Tel: 0418 135 792

Prequalification information and forms

Department of State Growth (Transport)

Contract Services Group
Tel: 03 6233 6074 / 03 6233 6448

Prequalification information and forms
Northern Territory

Department of Trade, Business and Innovation

Mr Leigh Harris 
Tel: 08 8999 1723

Australian Capital Territory

Procurement & Capital Works, Chief Minister, Treasury & Economic Development Directorate, Australian Capital Territory

Ms Lee-Anne Aldwell
Tel: 02 6207 5982

Prequalification information