Bridge Task Force and projects

Bridge Task Force

The Bridge Task Force has representatives from state and territory road agencies, the National Transport Commission and the ARRB Group. The Task Force considers all aspects of bridge planning, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and for arranging research and testing. It is also responsible for maintaining the Austroads Guide to Bridge Technology.

The Bridge Task Force coordinates research that is working towards:

  • developing enhanced bridge design guidelines
  • improving evaluation methods for bridge load capacity including deterioration models
  • ensuring the Austroads Guides are up-to-date and and better integrated with jurisdictional supplements
  • the revision of Bridge Design Standard AS5100.

Bridge Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
ABT6111Bridge assessment beyond AS5100 deterministic methodologyAssetsBridge Task ForceActive
ABT6015Optimised asset management for bridgesAssetsBridge Task ForceActive
ABT6196Design guidelines for the delivery of large cantilever and gantry structuresAssetsBridge Task ForceActive
ABT6203Structural and real-time bridge health monitoringAssetsBridge Task ForceActive


The Bridge Task Force is part of the Austroads Assets Program.

Assets Program Manager: Ross Guppy

Program Coordinator: Eliz Esteban
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Phone: +61 2 8265 3336