Asset Management Task Force and projects

Assets Task Force

Each year more than $18 billion is spent on roads across Australia and New Zealand - a significant investment by all levels of government. The Assets Task Force has representatives from state and territory road agencies, the National Transport Commission, the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, and the Australian Local Government Association.

The Task Force coordinates research that is working towards:

  • intergrating customer defined levels of service into asset management practice
  • quantifying road and bridge wear under increased loads
  • providing guidance on non-pavement asset management
  • ensuring the Guide to Asset Management is up-to-date
  • improving the efficiency of Asset Management intervention strategies.

Current Asset Task Force Projects

Project NumberProject NameProgramSub-programStatus
ASP6089National technical specificationsAssetsAsset Strategic PriorityActive
ASP2112Road asset data standard stage III: implementationAssetsAssets Task ForceActive
AAM6165Improve asset management, safety and project efficiencies through balanced telecommunications legislation changes (White Paper)AssetsAssets Task ForceActive
AAM6144Sustainable roads through fit for purpose use of available materialsAssetsAssets Task ForceActive
AAM6143Prolonging the life of road assets under increasing demandAssetsAssets Task ForceActive
AAM6068Data to support heavy vehicle road reformAssetsAssets Task ForceActive
AAM2106Level of service requirements for freight on rural roads and refinement of heavy vehicle roughness band index AssetsAssets Task ForceActive


The Assets Task Force is part of the Austroads Assets Program.

Assets Program Manager: Ross Guppy

Assets Program Coordinator: Liz Karas
Phone: +61 2 8265 3300